Every business owner has to decide what they’re good at. In our field, there’s not enough time in the day to be a good leader and a good clinician. At some point during your business development, you must choose the direction you want your company to go and what role you will play in it. Ask yourself the following questions:​

How do you continue to change with advances in technology?​

What is your strategy for adapting to the changing rules and regulations within the healthcare industry?​

How do you continue to build value in your practice ?​

Do you continue to spin the plates or do you seek assistance? Consider Elite Therapy Solutions your business partner in your practice. With 25 years of industry experience, our team specializes in multiple facets of running your physical therapy practice through administrative support, clinical management, and continuing education opportunities. We will create a business model that is both unique and specific to your ideal practice. While common best business practices seem cookie cutter, our approach offers a little something extra that will enhance your overall recipe for success.​


Think of our administrative team as your back office support for front office operations. Better coordination of patient data flow, with a residual effect of less redundancy and lower error rates, results in fewer resources needed. Our clientele operates at an average of 5-10% lower cost than most practices due to more efficient processes and procedures. We spend time planning and budgeting to provide direction and purpose to our future actions. Our model maximizes the use of variable cost through scalability. Business solutions include:​

  • Management Services Organization​
  • Billing/Credentialing​
  • Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable​
  • Payroll/Human Resources/Bookkeeping​
  • Marketing​
  • Strategic Development ​
  • Business Development​
  • Office Solutions


We provide innovative solutions and leadership training in order to enhance not only the patient experience, but also team rapport internally. By implementing proven clinical management practices, policies, and procedures based on strengths within your organization, employees can then focus on creating a patient-centric environment.​

Areas of focus include:​

  • Management​
  • Operations​
  • Culture​


Our Clinical Education department boasts top of the line leadership for clientele and partnering practices. Our team of experienced clinicians, mentors, and instructors work with those looking for short and long term education opportunities, such as:​

  • CEU coursework
  • Clinical skills training​
  • Residency
  • Fellowship​
  • Clinical Education affiliations with PT & PTA programs nationwide​

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Give us a call and we can discuss how these concepts can impact your team and your overall practice’s overall success.

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